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Haha, after all the reading and processing what I'm reading, which I want to thank you for this article and the subsequent article that I have already bookmarked and will definitely give it a read. Though I was trying to give my take on your final question through Linkedin only to struggle with finding out how to even send a private message lol.

But anyway, it's valuable personally because despite my background and other context in life and with what my mind seems be quite adamant that what's happening today that resulted in having this article written is an issue that I have to take into consideration and cannot be ignorance about it even if I only had design education, no background in finance nor tech at all.Though I ended up in this position, being placed so close to the issue now and everything considered, I have nothing to lose with age, time and out of school for atleast a year because I believed in the tech that it should be empowering but unfortunately I just cannot be at a place that straight up decide, it's to be banned. Hopefully, I can try to work out something myself or maybe even just go ahead and try to offer alternative solution to problem that are not often discussed (Which was why I thanked you for the article which you arrticulated certain pointers I had in mind but can never put it across the way you did for people to understand. That alone will see me back here atleast couple of time to pick up that aspect of articulating ideas as well.

Yeah could go on and on because everything to me will eventually be impacted by how the world use or reject all ideas on the plate today.It's very much human and I think it's too important to just brush it off even if aspired to just make art and design solution that helps even just a person. Though there's also pointers that I did not considered before but I will now. Hopefully this don't turn into the answer that wasn't looking for when you asked the question. hehe. But nevertheless, I will continue to read your article and the learning never stop. :-)

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