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Customer Futures is a place to share, discuss and explore ideas around the future of customer relationships.

How can we better understand and respond to customer needs and contexts? How can we better focus on value, rather than just products? How might the customer relationship change as life moves online?

Some starting points

Customers don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Communities who come together around a shared purpose will be more fulfilled, more innovative, more valuable and more loyal. We need ways to connect with those who believe what we believe. We should start with why.

Pull is smarter than push. Demand should lead supply. For too long organisations have been designed around products not people. We need marketplaces and ecosystems where individuals can better engage and share value beyond simple transactions; where we value, celebrate and sustain smarter customers relationships.

Individuals need to be empowered to connect with those who matter to them. We need smarter, contextual and more private and secure ways to share information so that customers can more easily make progress in their lives.

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