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The World’s Most Powerful Personal AI, 35M LinkedIn User Records Leaked, and Individual Empowerment on a Scale We’ve Never Seen Before

An invitation: Customer Futures Christmas Drinks!

Digital Agents: Bill Gates vs Customer Futures

Missing Pieces of the SSI Ecosystem, Twitter needs Banking for Proof of Personhood and Real-Time Bidding is a Security Risk

AI will be a huge threat - but also your best friend, how ‘Connect Your Wallet’ will transform onboarding, and proving your golf swing to buy shoes

Mobile driving licenses make (or break) eIDAS, It's time for TelcoID, and is User-Centred Design failing us?

Open Banking hits the US - now what about digital ID? And Agent AI is inevitable - but will we do it right?

The case for spending $100bn on digital wallets, Bill gates on Personal AI and Bhutan goes live with digital ID for all

Customer Futures Perspective: A new ‘open loop’ digital identity ecosystem is now inevitable

Customer Futures Perspective: The business of digital identity is… business?

Customer Futures Perspective: Human identity is brilliant because it's open. So why are our digital identities closed?

Customer Futures Perspective: I don’t just want my bank to fight fraud - I want my digital wallet to help too

The EU's New Digital Gatekeepers, Why Slow Digital Marketing is Like Slow Juicing and RegTech's Quiet Backdoor to Wallet Adoption

Customer Futures Perspective: It's not about your identity - it's about your *identifiers*

Customer Futures Stories: AI is clumsy, disrespectful and biased (again), Vitalik Buterin on biometric proof of personhood, and giving products a digital passport

Customer Futures Edge: The Marketing Funnel Funeral

Customer Futures Perspective: The biggest identity market is the one you’ve never heard of

Customer Futures Digest: Passing the “gun to the head” test, streaming digital trust and using customer wallets for messaging

Customer Futures Stories: What if browsers are the Next Big Thing, digital obsession is killing customer service and Apple opposes encrypted message scanning

Customer Futures Perspective: digital wallets and personal AI will turn the insurance sector upside down

Customer Futures Stories: The risks of adopting verifiable credentials, how AI will make customer experiences worse and the road to Ubiquitous Digital Identity

Customer Futures Stories: A breakout week for digital ID, Apple’s personal AI prototype and 250 organisations work together on a digital wallet

Customer Futures Perspective: Insurance as a 'future you' machine

Customer Futures Stories: How much consumers will pay for privacy, Google releases their ID wallet and spotting AI content using icons

The Customer Futures Five: Finding the winner in Personal AI

Customer Futures Stories: Google reimagines search, hacking your voice and privacy on the chopping block

Customer Futures Stories: GDPR's crisis point, the future of (fintech) trust and why login is so broken

Customer Futures Stories: Utah's porn problem, paying with your palm and surveillance in the EU

Customer Futures Perspective: I have bad news... your Personal AI isn't really Personal

Customer Futures Stories: The Enshittification of Amazon, connecting AI to my bank account and Zuck's AI agents

Customer Futures Perspective: what if we design for customer friction?

Customer Futures Stories: What's in a digital wallet, the Great AI divide and spying on kids

Customer Futures Perspective: welcome to the Zoom call... now please prove it's you

Customer Futures Stories: AI Agents, Starbucks NFTs and Toxic Ad Models

Customer Futures Perspective: the 5th Channel

Customer Futures: Stories This Week

Customer Futures Newsletter: Digital wallets are the new accounts

When customer data is cheap enough to waste, we're in Hotel California. But here's the way out...

'Real fakes' and 'fake reals': We're going to need a new way to trust online

Most organisations have been designed ‘inside-out’... here's the $BN opp you are missing

It’s time for a new breed of super-app

The winners of the digital future? It's all about Web7...

The 'right to be forgotten' really does exist... but it’s not the customer’s

Verifiable data will become a blood supply for the new digital economy - but there's a twist

New digital customer tools will have a huge problem. Here's why...

Customers are data exhausts.. but here’s what’s coming

Average Jo doesn’t exist… it’s time for mass personalisation

What if we design for *less* engagement?

Why washing machines and digital customer tools free us up to focus on what matters

Why are businesses so thirsty for personal data?

The shift to digital is only one sided… but that’s all about to change